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Full-Stack Marketing, Branding and Programming Solution. We provide web development, graphic design, videography and photography, product launch events, mobile app development, hosting solution, social media campaigning & media consultation.

Candelabrum Group is the best web developing company, offering Marketing, Branding, and Programming solutions. This research-based and stakeholder engaging company are a group of technical analyst and online marketing strategist devoted to providing excellent services. With a team of highly trained, and competitive individuals provide nothing short of the best in searching the web and sea of information to give you a uniquely designed brand, just for you.

Incorporating affordable web designers, Candelabrum Group helps you realize your goal by strategically planning the approach to transform your idea into something tangible. In addition, they aid you in utilizing available resources for growth and expansion of your brand.

This best web designing company understands that your brand represents your company in the market drawing customers to you, therefore they’ll waste no time in preparing just that for you.



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Branding Solution.


The Candelabrum Group strives to partner with clients in mutual development. Therefore, the client does not feel left out while implementing their ideas. Just like a tree growing from both ends, this company needs client based support as well. Moreover, in this competitive market who wouldn’t want their brand to be on the top.
In addition to their successful track record and the alliance of strategic partners, Candelabrum Group continues to ensure the ability to create excellent products and services to clients nationwide.


Enhancing Your Visual Elements

Enhancing the way you communicate with your clients through the use of a complete branding experience.


Fusing together our expertise and creativity in a cohesive web, we help you realize and plan a strategic approach towards an advanced development for your brand. In addition to being the best of our fields, we help you utilize available resources to expand and grow while optimizing results and study to provide for an even better outcome.

01. Website Development/Design.

A full service digital marketing and visual communications agency based in of Dallas, Texas. We help brands grow their business through design & technology.

Since 2001, we’ve been providing creative solutions and proven online marketing results that help our clients drive leads, increase sales, increase brand awareness, and retain customers. We help companies connect and communicate more effectively and with more impact.

02. Videography/Photography.

We initiate an insight to take creative concepts and drive meaningful engagement for your brand. We have a powerful record of developing effective video solutions. Types of videos we shoot are Commercials, E-Video Announcements, Corporate Videos, Documentaries, Video News Releases, EPK – Electronic Press Kits, Promotional Videos, VFX – Visual Effects, Web Video Libraries, Marketing Videos, Product Demonstrations, Video Walls & Giant Screen, Trade Show Electronic, Meeting Openers, Employee Orientation, Training Videos, Testimonials, Legal & Compliance, & Educational Videos.

03. Mobile App Development/Design.

Whether you are interested in mobile app development, desktop apps, web development, IOT, wearable apps, infrastructure, or design, we have the talent you need. We work with trusted brands that trust us. We take pride in our work and have the same goals as you – to see you be successful.

04. Media Kits & Press Release.

A media kit, sometimes called a press kit, is simply an information packet about a business or product. It is called a media kit or a press kit because many times potential advertising mediums will ask for more information on the potential advertiser. Since most of this advertising is press- and media-related, the term media kit was adopted.

05. Social Media Campaigns.

Businesses can’t just throw any old post, photo or Tweet up there and hope it resonates with the target audience. This type of content needs a variety of elements to get the results that marketers are looking for. It’s got to be eye-catching and engaging, it must tell a story, and it has to keep consumers coming back for more. We help build those campaigns. We help create that engaging content and interaction that your business needs in order to capitalize on the marketing capabilities that social media can provide.

06. Logos/Businesscards/Branding Concepts.

We design everything: architecture, interiors, products, identities, publications, posters, books, exhibitions, websites, and digital installations. We can create everything from very ellaborate logos and brochures to simplistic businesscards and email campaigns. There is almost nothing we cannot do when it involves graphic design.



When creating a solid marketing strategy, it takes a team of highly trained experts. Here are some of our affiliate partners that helps make this happen.

Freedom 4K Media

Media solutions that provides an instant impact on all video production needs. Same day edits, live video stream, multiple camera and location view. These are our go-to groups for any large or small events requiring multple camera angles.

Jengerbread Marketing

Jengerbread helps handle many of our ongoing marketing needs as well as has been one of our original partners when involving social media campaign, gorilla marketing strategies, test market groups and viral marketing logistics.

Freedom 4K Media

We have mastered the most important part of production and that’s lighting. “Art Via Light” is our slogan because we are able to shoot every genre creatively based on our lighting expertise.

The Studios In Las Colinas

When it involves major motion picture studios, Creative Showbusiness International is one of our major players. Upscale studio in the heart of Irving, Texas, the perfect environment for any media productions in Texas.

Nirvana Hall

Elegant event center in North Dallas, Nirvana Hall is a perfect venue for an intimate wedding, meeting or any indoor event. Nirvana Hall is one of our ongoing affiliates at many major expos held throughout North Texas.



Our brand management team of experts begins with careful marketing research and analysis to build a creative brief to meet your specific needs. Then, before any work begins, we may sure we’re on the same page as you with what we’re trying to accomplish together. Let us help you build your brand.
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